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  • promoting and standardizing stainless steel practices in Nigeria
  • promoting and standardizing stainless steel practices in Nigeria


Stainless Steel Development Association of Nigeria aka Stainless Steel Importers, Sellers, and Installers Association of Nigeria (SISAN) is a non-profit research organization committed to promoting the use, the many benefits and market development of stainless steel to a sustainable society.

SSDAN is an informal cooperation between associations of the steel, stainless steel and the alloying element industries with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

Aims of SSDAN

Initiate local production, practice, use and re-use in an eco-friendly way

Boost profitable stainless steel market growth in the industry

Educate users about the use and benefits of stainless steel

Regulate the quality and standards of stainless steel practices

Co-ordinate and monitor all stainless steel activities

Invest in research and the development of new markets

Promote the image/brand of stainless steel and the industry

Serve as resource persons for local consumption

Be faithful at all times to all stakeholders

Advocate stainless and its stakeholders against unfair regulatory

Work closely and effectively with all relevant individuals and group of persons in both the public and private sectors